Martin Baran is Los Angeles-based artist working in video, painting and sculpture. His practice focuses on the dramatization of reality.

The “Erogenous” Series is the latest step forward to Baran’s reflection of values, public tolerance and individual sexual liberation. 

 This series is overtly figurative with an intentionally reduced color palette to shape through shadow and light. The intimate scale of each painting compels the viewer to explore from different angles to reveal a language of sensuality that unfolds to longer engagement. 

Technically, these shaped canvases unite the painterly and sculptural mediums that currently motivate Baran.A recipient of a 2016 Global Art Collective Award, Baran graduated with honors at School of Applied Arts in Kosice, Slovakia followed by a scholarship at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic to master Art History.

Martin Baran was born in Czechoslovakia in 1992. Baran has exhibited his work individually as well as in a group exhibitions in independent spaces and galleries in Europe and in the United States. He has also collaborated in collective exhibitions in Southern California. His exhibition highlights include: Season High (2017), Mod Squad (2018) and Elements of Time (2019) at Janssen Art Space in Palm Springs.

He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.